Public Murals


Photos by Ashley Cantrell

In the summer of 2011 I, along with my friend Lindsay Parker were Awarded 1st place in the 119 Gallery’s annual outdoor mural contest. Our proposal was voted on by 119 Gallery’s board members.  The mural now stands until the summer of 2013 when a new mural competition will be devised for area artists.  The mural includes five vertical gardens, 14 mosaics, paintings and 3D elements.  The vertical gardens include edible and ornamental plants.  The mural is featured in the cover of the 119 Gallery brochure, it was also awarded 1st place in the City of Lowell’s sustainability photo contest and was the feature for a front page article in the local paper. Please click HERE to visit the community mural blog, for a full behind the scenes look at our process!

Here are some additional photos from the Winter season of 2011/2012 where we boxed up the vertical gardens with new paintings.

For the spring and summer season of 2012, we wanted to plant edible as well as ornamental plants. We choose cherry tomatoes, vine loving beans, mustard greens, a few varieties of lettuce, strawberries, nasturtiums and mixed in are some wild flowers. We started all seeds indoors and transplanted them when the threat of hard frost subsided.


In July of 2012 I created and designed a 400sq. ft. permanent outdoor mosaic in Bourgeous Park, Lowell, Massachusetts.  It features donated and recycled tiles, glass and ceramics. The project is to assist in the revitalization of a low income community.  I worked closely with over thirty community volunteers and organizations for donations and assistance in the installation.   (Photos by Ashley Cantrell)


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