Solo – Now in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts live sets are centered around sound collage, field recordings, restless electronics, tapes, objects, voice and video. HERE

Phurnne (Ma.) – Jen Gelineau on Violin, Steph (Lak) Germaine objects, field recordings, tapes, electronics Andrea Pensado voice, laptop. HERE


Groups that occur less frequently…. 

Linda (Worcester and Lowell Ma.) – Anthony Richards uses the Barble Blarg and saunters and slides on anything he finds lying around. Stephanie (lak) Germaine hits buttons and turns knobs when she’s not putting her lips through a traffic cone. Abdul Sherzai and Zack Peckham too.  HERE

Germaine Wright Duo  (SF and MA)–sounds are quite different than 4 lambs eating toast  Walter Wright and Stephanie (Lak) Germaine Listen: HERE

Egregoros (Koulendros, Wright, Germaine Trio) – Electronic trio, Listen HERE

One-Armed Mist  (SF and MA)- Watch for the hook – Walter Wright, Arkm Foam, Stephanie Lak, Ada, Kate Lee and more I’m sure. Video: HERE

Bats From Pogo among other names (SF and MA)- Andrea Pensado, Walter Wright, Stephanie Lak  Listen: HERE

OliveGarden (Lowell and Boston Ma.) Come for the free bread and salad, stay for the music. Travis Hagan, Stephanie Lak (Soundfiles soon)

Birdorgan – Sometimes I’ll play with them. Avant garde, kraut, space, noise, dada band with roots in fluxus, garage, and psych. Dei Xhrist, Marc Bisson, Mike Funaiole, Michael Dailey Jr. Sometimes Bucky Waters, Heather Noecker, Gregory Kowalski, Ryan Baker, Steve Norton…

A Case of the Sillies (MA)- Keyboard madness from the year 2087 with Ben Frassa who plays as many keyboards as Stephanie Lak. Listen: HERE

The Bopants (Ma., NH) – Walter Wright on drums. Stephanie voice, electronics. Marc Bisson prepared guitar. Heather Noecker guitar. Listen HERE



Feral Luggage & Cartoon Justice (SF bay)- played in the fall of 2012. Mika Pontecorvo, Kersti Abrams, Mariko Miyakawa, Greg Baker, Elliot Racine among others.
Nenakata (MA)- jammy/noisy/dreamy/psych/rock Olivia Close, Gandhi G., Stephanie Lak, Anthony Richardz, Eric Stuart, Walter Wright, Ben Frassa, Nick Colella, Mike Dailey.
Ahmallamah (MA)- Serious about friendship Olivia Close, Stephanie Lak a few times Jen Brunell
DJ BOOF (?)- Scribble scribble Stephanie Lak
Bleeding Tongues (MA)- few shows of garage rockin’ Nick Colella guitar vox, Olivia Close bass, Stephanie Lak drums
Hip Whiskers (MA)- Playing all your 1950’s favorites and the occasional theatre Ben Farley guitar vox drums, Olivia Close bass drums, Stephanie Lak drums, bass, vox
Doom Wings (MA)- 3 collaborative albums, semi(XXX) and reflective of the season in which they were recorded, lo-fi, home recordings, rock, country, pop, soul, celtic, punk, noise, holiday. Ben Farley, Jacob Oley, Olivia Close, Nick Colella, Stephanie Lak and lots of friends.
Disembodied Poetics(MA)– Poetry, soundscapes, electronics  Derek Fenner, Walter Wright, Rick Breault, Stephanie Lak
Ralph Eats Dynamite(MA)– posty punk Bobby Parent, Olivia Close, Setheyny Loub-Pen, Stephanie Lak

SockHop formerly known as WalkerStreetKitchen – Lowell, Massachusetts House Performance/Art spots. Olivia Close is now steering that ship with Wilder Zangcraft.


L I V E  C O L L A B O R A T I O N S

 S o u n d  F i l e s

 V i d e o s


Setup: 10.24.14
Setup: 10.20.14
Setup: 6.27.14



H o m e


V i s u a l  A r t


C o n t a c t


© 2013 Stephanie Lak // All images used on this website are copyrighted


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