Microscapes – about

In attempts to grow healthy moss myself solely from spores, I can end up weeks later with a heap of grey mold or dry sphagnum. Moss just does well where you see it doing well, in my case that’s often in shadowy sidewalk nooks and in the corners of brick buildings and fences. Layered within found cultivated moss (from the corners of buildings or the cracks in sidewalks) mats include are hairs, fibers, dust and trash. Typically I work with found and recycled materials and am respectful of thriving habitats and don’t disturb their potential when choosing what to cultivate. ( Cracks in the pavement and sidewalks where moss grows naturally and will likely get paved over etc. are ideal places for cutting out pieces. )

The circular ‘paper and cloth’ collages (also pictured above) are photographic enlargements of a series of 1 inch works. I have been showing these photos together, the intention is to hang the works in clusters.

– Stephanie Lak 2.12.14

+ For additional information on these photos please contact me directly at stephanielak@gmail.com


© 2013 Stephanie Lak // All images used on this website are copyrighted


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