Originally from Massachusetts, I spent two years living in the San Francisco Bay Area until I moved back to the Northeast in May 2014.  My live performances are centered around sound collage, field recordings, restless electronics, tapes, objects, voice and video. I currently live in Boston.

Email: Stephaniemariegermaine@gmail.com, stephanielak@gmail.com


MP3 REVIEW:  “Free School”

” The spring flood brings us more than high adventure; it brings likewise an unpredictable miscellany of floatable objects pilfered from upriver farms. An old board stranded on our meadow has, to us, twice the value of the same piece new from the lumberyard. Each old board has its own individual history, always unknown, but always to some degree guessable from the kind of wood, its dimensions, its nails, screws, or paint, its finish or the lack of it, its wear or decay. One can even guess, from the abrasion of its edges and ends on sandbars, how many floods have carried it in years past.

Our lumber pile, recruited entirely from the river, is thus not only a collection of personalities, but an anthology of human strivings in upriver farms and forests. The autobiography of an old board is a kind of literature not yet taught on campuses, but any riverbank farm is a library where he who hammers or saws may read at will. Come high water, there is always an accession of new books.”

Aldo Leopold “A Sand County Almanac”

O T H E R                                      



Editors: Ryan Gallagher and Derek Fenner  “YOUNG ANGEL MIDNIGHT rises up from the beat surface of cobblestone streets as an urban, multi-cultural, post-industrial, American reliquary to the arts.  It includes a collection of visual artists, performance artists, writers, and musicians who live, work, or go to school in the Greater Lowell area.  Generously funded and supported by the Cultural Organization of Lowell, this book showcases Lowell’s art scene, which is culturally and aesthetically diverse, vibrant, and extensive.  The magic of this collection, however, is that the work inside transcends the provincial and is a clarion of the urgency, power, and vibrancy of a new generation of artists emerging around us.”

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