-T R 4 N C 3+M U T 4 T I (0) N 5-


Nov. 23rd 2013 Oakland, Ca. Sat. Life Changing Ministries, 8pm outsider / electronics / analogue analogies <> Thoabath (A.C. way/ Katabatik ) Pigs in The Ground ((Sharkiface / Loachfillet) I.C.P.C.P ( ex. jungle jim)  Lana Voronina Beast Nest( Sharmi Basu) BONUS BEAST Visuals : L A K


Lak / Wright Duo Mini Tour: 
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, audio miscellany <> Walter Wright – electronics, drums sometimes
with Andrea Pensado as Bats From Pogo ARKM, Kate & Ada as O-AM Jen Gelineau and Steve Norton
12/16 – Whitehaus (monday) with ARKM, Kate, Ada
12/17 – Dailleyville with Steve Norton
12/18 – Popcorn Noir, Easthampton with Jen Gelineau
12/19 – King St Manor, Northampton with Matt Robidoux, Miss Olivia Kennett
12/20 – Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn with Jen Gelineau, (Andrea Pensado)
12/21 – H.O.T. Philadelphia with Jen Gelineau, (Andrea Pensado)
12/27 – Firehouse, Worcester MA (friday)
12/28 – Chillith Fair 6, 119 Gallery O-AM (in drag)
12/29 – Chailey Mansion, Newburyport, potluck with i’d m thfft able, BiRdOrGaN
12/30 – day off (recording)
12/31 – Nude Ears Eve, 119 Gallery with everyone – ARKM, Kate, I’d m, Marc, dei, Andrea, CrankSt



Visual Art



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