7.6 At Dorchester Art Project [] Duck Yed (sawyer/theftable/germaine/robidoux quartet) LISTEN HERE……. Also performing:: Painted Faces, golden egg (wicked rot), Kee Avil, Ditch Factor, Damian Scalise, Frigid

7.5 Flywheel Arts in Easthampton Ma. [] Soundworks Gathering 4 [] $10 donation, all ages [] Performing:: Set #1 Salvatore Macchia and Jazer Giles Set#2 Tristatic Video + Live Score. Live Score performed by: Batya Sobel, Haley Morgan, Stephanie Lak (Germaine), and Jenifer Gelineau.
Tristatic is Jacqueline Dougherty, Julia Handschuh, and Haley Morgan. This trio makes performance for video, generating work through the embodied exploration of space and identity, and using a camera to document, amplify, and share their playtime. Based in Atlanta, GA and Turners Falls, MA.”

6.25 Duo with Victoria Shen at Dorchester Art Project in Dorchester Ma. with David Vassolati (Merchandise,Cult Ritual) and David West (from Rank/Xerox, Total Control)

6.8 Bear Cages

5.12 Somerville Porch Fest Union Sq. Hawkings Street stage DUO with Victoria Shen. also performing Paul Gallipol and The Twelve Cities, Jada Yvette and Nick Rocco, Vehement Caress, Joe Mygan,  Joe Brown, A Campbell Payne, Midisexual, Solid State Entity

5.6 Bear Cages Boston – Walter Wright (Lowell, Ma), Andrea Pensado (Salem, Ma), Bobb Hatt (Columbus, Ohio), Janet (St. Louis, MO), Victoria Shen (Somerville, Ma.), Jenifer Gelineau (Holyoke, Ma.), Chris Strunk (JP, MA), Id M Theft Able (Portland ME), Kevin Dacey (Boston, Ma.), Weird Year (PA), Brittany Karlson (Boston, Ma).

4.21 Storytime at the Ape’s Nest  Dorchester Art Project, Dorchester Ma.

” Audiobooks for starseeds. Weird music brings weirder words to weirdest life, right before your normal ears. Escape the bonds of time as our dreams infest your life and listen to our readers read their stories while the area’s best improvisatory / ambient / electronic / noise musicians improvise a soundtrack. “

with Geena Matuson “The Girl Mirage,” Kate Perruzzi, Chris Braiotta, Angela Sawyer, Meagan Masterman, Brett Johnson, Steph Lak, Talbot Talbot Talbot, Aaron Bennett & Death Shepherd.

3.22 Gateway City Arts in Holyoke Ma. ‘Thursday Experiment‘ Hosted by Bonnie Kane. Also performing Id M Theft Able, Chris Strunk & Max Hamel.

3.23 My Life in the Bush of Ghosts – New Pultz NY with My Wife, Chris Strunk, mtlczk-noise

3.24 New Bedford Ma with Id M Theft Able & Chris Strunk.

3.9 Disembodied Poetics at The Hearing Room in Lowell Ma. also performing Poets: Jane Boxall, Rick Breault, Eliot Cardinaux, Masada Jones, John Voigt Musicians: Jane Boxall – percussion, Rick Breault – field recordings, Eliot Cardinaux – piano, Stephanie Marie Germaine – electronics, Christos Koulendros – ???, Scott Getchell – trumpet, John Voigt – bass, poetry, Walter Wright – drums, percussion id m theft able – piece for multiple vocalists

2.22 – 25 Xfest Massachusetts at Dorchester Art Project

2.16 Phurnne at Machines With Magnets in Providence RI also performing Sontag Shogun, House Red, Titans of Jazz.

1.1 Noise Brunch at The Firehouse in Worcester with Linda also playing Duke Lude, Silas Price, Angelsbreath, +DOG+, Na B, Scarrub, Wendy Eisenberg, Nazi Coffins, YU//F, Feedback Queen, 23 Ensemble, Olivia W-B, Cotton Ceiling, Patrick Gallagher, Jesse DeRosa + Konrad Kamm, Ice Joke, Belarisk, Los Condenados, Erika Nesse, CHS + Dan Greenwood, Isa X, Steve Norton + Michael Rosenstein, Dr. Strain, Richard Users’ Unit, Lazy Susan, Cruudeuces, Crank Sturgeon, Id m theft able.

1.9 Solo at Dusk in Providence RI


12.29  Blue Bag Records in Cambridge Ma. with Matt Robidoux, Angela Sawyer, Id m theft able

12.28 Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma.

12.16 Solo at The Hearing Room in Lowell Ma. Also performing What My Dear?: Walter Wright – Boardweevil, Dei Xhrist – voice, Bill T Miller [Orgy of Noise] – solo modular synthesizer, Egregoros: Christos Koulendros – Accordian, contact mic, Walter Wright – drums, percussion

10.7 Solo in Newburyport Massachusetts

10.6 Solo at Deep Thoughts in JP. Also Terror Pigeon, Joss, Tooky Kavanagh

9.16 Aviary Gallery Jamaica Plain

8.18 & 8.19 Frantasia Festival of Out Music and Arts, Livermore Falls ME.

8.20 Studio 408 in South Portland ME. also performing Audrey Chen and Henrik Norstebo.

9.8 – 9.10 XFEST UK Edale England Audrey Chen, Rodrigo Constanzo, Vivienne Corringham, Michael F Dailey Jr, Zach Darrup, Mike Funaiole, Anton Hunter, Bonnie Kane, Emmanuel Lalande, Sue Lynch, Al Margolis, Arnaud le Mindu, Adrian Northover, Andrea Pensado, Richard Scott, Cilla Vee, Jack Wright, Mia Zabelka, Dei Xhrist

7.21 Solo at Blue Bag Records in Cambridge Ma. Also Matt Robidoux, Angela Sawyer, Wendy Eisenberg 

6.22  Performing with Victoria ShenWalter Wright,  at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma. also BirdOrgan, President Soup, Factory Quartet.

5/29 Solo at CityPOP in JP. Also Andrea Pensado (Ma) Climax Denial (Milwaukee) Plagues (Michigan) Peter J Woods (Milwaukee) Victoria Shen (Boston)

5/28 Solo at Noise Rites of Spring at Bing Arts Center in Springfield Ma. also playing MAL DEVISAFrank HurricaneBromp Treb, Mark Ge, Elan Bonde Gregory, Airstrip 101 (Charlie Alpha-Zulu), Andrew Szmauz, Dialtone (Joe Scibelli Jr), Spreaders, Badweatherfriend, CHS/ Flair Nair Schlair, ANGELSBREATH, Tom Crean, Jewel Eye (Patrick Lamothe), Friendship Ceremonies (Andy Allen), Ian Kovac jr. jr., Stephanie Marie Germaine, Coord (Zane Alexander), Isa X (Dylan Hay), 2 guys one cup (Seamus R Williams / Mickey O’Hara), Matt Wellins (Matt Wellings), David Scanlon, Jenna Weingarten, Soul Worm (Mallie Sanford), Painted Faces (David Drucker), Mezzanine Swimmers, The Spookfish, Bentley Anderson, Jason Soliday, Luer (Matt Taggart), Crank Sturgeon (Frank Virgeon), Peter J Woods (Jim Stensil), Limbs Bin (Bosh Fandes), Poacher (Joh Nson), Climax Denial, Plagues, Montana Big Boys (Josh Brr / arkm foam), Daniel Wyche, DJ (Dirt Gallogher) / DJ (Roger Eggs)/ DJ Boy Harsher, Fleshlight, Jay Castro, Poolboy (Morgan Kluck), Greef, Mark Cone, Horn Horse, Lily Konigsberg, P.U.S.S.Y.V.I.S.I.O.N., DJ lil Joe’s Cafe, Gastric Lavage (Cee Dooley), Fatter Dust (Joshua Bastien) waaaaay more TBA

5/13 Solo Porchfest Union Sq. in Somerville Ma. also playing Chill City Icon, A. Campbell Payne, Dei Xhrist, Id M Theft Able, Full Color, Cursed Boxes, Con Tex, Beginners, Disembowelment Choir. 

5/6 Solo at Chailey Mansion NBPT MA. also playing Kazehito Seki [Tokyo, Japan] Galamamoo [Tokyo, Japan] Erica Nesse [Arlington MA] Victoria Shen [Jamaica Plain MA] Angelsbreath-lite [Worcester MA] DeiX [Manchester NH] Gregory Kowalski [Newburytport MA] Egregoros: [Lowell MA]

3/21 Phurnne at Cafe’ Fixe in Brookline Ma. hosted by Non Event

3/2 XFEST PRE-SHOW Deep Thoughts JP (Boston) on the spot open ensembles
Bring an instrument (movement and video artists welcomed)!
“In keeping with past traditions we ring in this years Xfest with a pre-show celebration. Improvisors and artists from Boston and beyond warm up for the 3 day long festival by playing in on the spot ensembles. We welcome anyone to join us, especially those interested in being invited to play next years festival. Everyone is paired in groups by pulling names out of a ‘hat’. ”

3 (3rd/4th/5th) XFest in Holyoke Ma.

12/3 Outside in the woods Boston Ma.

10/24 Solo in Allston Ma. also MAXWELL BOECKER, Letter Castle, MAJID ARAIM

11/8 STEPHANIE GERMAINE / ANGELA SAWYER at Café Fixe Brookline Mass. hosted by Non-Event.

8/21 with Phurnne at Lurkerfest 3 Amherst Ma.

8/19, 20 Frantasia Livermore Falls, Maine

7/27 Solo at The Worcester Massachusetts Public Library Also Id m theft able 

7/22 with Phurnne at the Midway in Jamaica Plain Ma. also Fur Purse I Thalia Zedek I Weather Weapon I Death Cloud

7/19 Duo with Angela Sawyer in Allston Ma. also Dark Tones Sticker Shock Cigarette dc, Puff Pieces dc

7/14 with Linda in Worcester Ma. Distant Castle also Wilson Shook, Abe Taber, Idol Brain

7/13 Solo at Smokey Bear Cave in Boston also SECRET BOYFRIEND (NC), VEHEMENT CARESS LSDV

7/1 Solo at International Noise Conference Tour 2016 Boston with Laundry Room Squelchers (miami), LSDV (boston), Will Mayo (boston), Fat Shuggy (boston), TVE (worcester) Sam Rog (boston), Patrick Spurlock (of To Live and Shave in L.A.) (vermont), Trim (boston), Joanna Boool (boston), Caleb William (w. mass), Vehement Caress (boston)

6/30 Duo with Bromp Treb at Western Mass International Noise Conference 2016 — Flywheel Arts Collective Easthampton, Ma with Laundry Room Squelchers, Jen Gelineau, Fieldmaster, CHS, Rob&Girsh, Bonnie Kane, Hednoist, Patrick Spurlock, Sickness, Nicholas, Federico, Wolf Cartography, Tom Crean, Zebu, Foambidoux.

6/15 – Duo with Andrea Pensado. Those old bear cages. JP. Wendy Alembic [] Jonathan Nankof [] Foam [] Ben Hersey [] I’D M Theftable [] Tashi Dorji / Tyler Damon Duo [] Lexi Havlin [] Audrey Harrer

5/28 – Lowell Telecommunications Corporation -> -> look I’m on public access TV. Stephanie Marie Germaine – electronics, cassettes Shereen Salem – movement Victoria Shen – home-built synthesizer Walter Wright – AVSynth

4/1 – Chailey Mansion Newburyport Ma. Muyassar Kurdi – voice, electronics, movement Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, contact mics Walter Wright – drums (possibly some video) Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, electronics [Jamaica Plain MA] Victoria Shen – electronics [Jamaica Plain MA]

3/25 – Solo at Substructure held at Midway Cafe’ Jamaica Plain also performing AKIKO HATAKEYAMA (PVD),  AMBER VISTEIN (PVD) and DJs Lychee and Augur.

3/20 – Victoria Shen, Shereen Salem, Forbes Graham and Steph Germaine together at Blast Fest 9 Whitehaus in JP

3/16 – With Phurnne at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma. also performing LAN: [Worcester MA] Joey Bastardo, Mickey O’Hara and Seamus Williams – electronics, Egregoros: [Lowell MA] Christos Koulendros – all things analog Steve Norton – reeds, electronics Walter Wright – drums, percussion and angelsbreath [Worcester MA] – solo electronics

3/1 – With Phurrne also drøm før du dør (MTL), Candy Miami, YRRAPYRRAP with Black Noise. Allston house show

2/26, 27 & 28th – XFEST 2016 in Holyoke Ma.

1/30/16 Phurnne at the 3rd annual Firehouse Noise Brunch in Worcester. Also playing::spacecadet fuzz, platinum pearls, w00dy, christos koulendros, coralcola, angel’s breath, c.h.s., rush awesome, gastric lavage, sam gas can, cephalopod, tve, caleb mm, james rosato h’ypnagogue, section 35, erika nesse, transmissions from planet cat, scent , phurnne, matt robidoux, bromp treb, belarisk, khf, computer syndrome, phemale, angela sawyer, föld

1/14/16 Phurnne in Boston. House show with Duck That (Angela Sawyer, Jesse Collins and Steve Norton) and Matt Robidoux

1/12/16 Monthly Fem Night at Midway in JP featuring The Fourth Nipple – Tiffany’s House – Stephanie Germaine – Adrienne Arditti


11/29 – Solo at John Doe Jr., Used Books and Records in Greenfield Ma. Also Homoglochini, Bromp Treb, MoNsTaRs & Offal.

11/28 – Solo at The Whitehaus in JP also CONVERSATIONS WITH ROCKS (ERIKA NESSE) (Boston) GAY SHAPES (Worcester) 185668232″ (Philadelphia)

11/21 – Shrymprov featuring Harvey Bigman and Closers at The Whitehaus in JP

11/20 – with Disembodied Poetics at Uncharted in Lowell Ma. also Peter Eliopolis, Derek Fenner, David Robinson – poetry [Lowell MA, Oakland CA] CKSJ Duo: Christos Koulendros, Sara June and Egg, Eggs!

11/13 & 11/14 – Doin It Together Fest at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma.

10/17 – Last show at 119Gallery in Lowell Ma.

10/1 – with Linda at The Whitehaus in Jamaica Plain Ma. Also Gnards! Streight Angular! Strep Torso!

9/27 – with Phurnne at The Goethe-Institut Boston, Non-Event fundraiser!

9/27 – with Phurnne at Lurkerfest (early afternoon set) in Western Ma.

9/22 – with Phurnne at The Whitehaus in JP. Also Crank Sturgeon and PCRV

9/13 – with Angela Sawyer and Jesse Collins at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell Ma.

9/3/2015 – with Phurnne at Future Fest in Brattleboro VT.

8/27 – with WICKED ROT at Deep Thoughts JP. 

8/20, 8/21, 8/22 2015 – with Phurnne at Frantasia Festival Livermore Falls ME.

Phurnne US Tour – 
8/1 Burlington, VT – Hosted by Friends and Family! With Welks Mice, Wren Kitz, Harvey Bigman
8/2 New Paltz, NY – at My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. With Lucas Brode//SPRDRS//Matt Luczak + Chud Fusk + Dan Stevens
8/3 Pittsburg PA – Last show at the Abandoned Store. With MIKE BOYD / LEAD PALL / ERIC WEIDENHOF
8/4 Columbus, OH –
8/6 Chicago, IL – Observatory -Bill Nace + Steve Baczkowski || Jake Megkinsky || Andrew Clinkman
8/7 Louisville, KT – Dreamland
8/8 Chattanooga – house show
8/9 Nashville, TN – Portland Brewery
8/10 Atlanta, GA – Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery
8/11 Charleston, SC – house show
8/12 Chapel hill NC – at the Nightlite with Electric Cactus, Despoiler, Crowmeat, Bishop & Eubank
8/13 Roanoke, VA – Art Rat studios
8/14 next to Philly, PA – house show
8/15 Worcester, MA – Sprinkler factory – poop show
8/17 Greenfield, MA – @ John Doe Jr.

7/31/2015 – Solo at Berry Fest in Ma.

7/28/2015 – Duo with Walter Wright on WCUW ‘Music Under the Moon’

7/20/2015 – Shrymprov at the Whitehaus Jamaica Plain Ma.

7/13/2015 – Solo at The Firehouse in Worcester Ma. with Noise Nomads, Cruudeuces, 1%er.

7/7/2015 – The Channels, Harsh Reality (MTL), The Blooms & Rose Parry/Stephanie Germaine duo @ Out of the Blue Too

6/27/2015 – Solo at Wilderzangcraft in Lowell Ma.

6/20/2015 – DISTANT CASTLE ANNIVERSARY PARTY: VICTORIAN BANCROFT TOWER PARTY Worcester Jazz Collective, Granny Frost, Stephanie Lak, Ryan Kayhart, Lean, FIST INC presentation……KARAOKE….KARAOKE…….The Lentils

6/18/2015 – Linda (with special guests LEAN) at The Firehouse Worcester Ma. also Huff Daddy, Home Body, MSHR.

6/15/2015 – Shrymprov at The Firehouse in Worcester

6/13/2015 – Solo at The Shop in Worcester also Fern Nanda, Maarten Goji and Matt Pike. Jon, The Archivist. ChaCha Connor. Lovina.

6/2/2015 – Solo at Distant Castle in Worcester Ma. also Hurricane Irene, Cat Tongue, Matt Luczak, Spreaders.

6/1/2015 – Solo at Outpost 186 in Cambridge. Also Spreaders, Matt Luczak, Indira Valey & Mal Devisa

5/27/2015 – Sound Electronics returns to Aviary (in Jamaica Plain MA.) Egregoros (Christos Koulendros, Stephanie Marie Germaine, and Walter Wright) and Matt Dill.

5/23/2015 – Sonorium With Egregoros in Salem Ma. Also LEAN, CEPHALOPOD & DUGAN, CURSE PURSE More info:

5/5/2015 – With Phurnne at The Midway Cafe’ JP Also Cassandra, Listening Woman, Angela Sawyer, Leah Raczynski


April 28th – With Phurnne at The Tree Farm also Buck Hammerstein & Clear River Chapuakkee, Crespo/Allen Duo, Borey Shin

April 27th – Solo at Wilder Zangcraft in Lowell Ma. also Kate Ferencz + Harmon Butcher 

April 24th – With Linda in Dover NH at The Ratskeller also Gay Shapes & Joey Pratt 

April 23rd – With Egregoros in Worcester Ma. Also Gay Shapes …. at a Secret spot……

April 12th – With Egregoros at Uncharted in Lowell, Ma. Also Hot Date and BirdOrgan.

April 11th – With Egregoros at John Doe Jr Used Record and Books in Greenfield Ma. Also Dave Seidel + Painted Faces aka David Drucker +  Lutkie + Belltonesuicide

April 4th – With BirdOrgan in Philly at the Rotunda with Big Plastic Finger and Cellular Chaos

April 3rd – Open Performances at Chailey Mansion in Newburyport Ma. with Joe Bastardo – modular synth Christos Koulendros – modular synth Gregory Kowalski – laptop, video Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects  Dave Seidel – electronics, bass Walter Wright – percussion

April 3rd – With Egregoros at The Somerville Armory, Somerville Ma. THANGSpassing “New music, invented instruments, free-range dance and thought-speech.” 

April 2nd – Solo set at The Brick House in Turners Falls with TBIBTO: [NY, NH, MA] Al Margolis – violin, clarinet, contact mics Dave Seidel – electronics Walter Wright – percussion + David Russell – solo electronics [Greenfield MA] + Fine Fins Flop: [Holyoke, Williamtown MA] Jenifer Gelineau – fishscale violin, glassware and petals Crank Sturgeon – husophone with attitude, aptitude and amplitude

March 22nd, 23rd, 25th – Blast Fest in JP

March 20th – With Egregoros at the Outpost 186 in Cambridge Ma. Also American Thicket Mat Maneri – viola Eliot Cardinaux – piano, spoken word Hugo Abraham – bass Kresten Osgood – drums 

March 6th – With Linda also GYMSHORTS*SLENDERMEN*STYK at Distant Castle in Worcester Ma. 

February 27th, 28th and March 1st- XFest at Gateway City Arts Holyoke Massachusetts

February 21st – With Phurnne at King Street Manor in North Hampton Ma. Also Paul Flaherty Bill Nace Duo & ensemble 23 

February 13th – With Linda at The Firehouse Worcester Ma. & BROMP TREB & OFFAL & LEAN & LOOKS REALISTIC

February 8th – With Walter Wright Peskeomskut Noisecapades

February 5th – With Bats from Pogo at The 13th Floor Florence Ma. Also COMPANY FUCK (Berlin Germany) & PETE NOLAN (Spectre Folk/Magik Markers)

January 23rd –  with Linda at John Doe, Jr. Used Books and Records in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Also 2 3 e n s e m b l e Andy Kivela-drums, Andy Crespo-bass, Adam Bosse-guitar, Andy Allen-saxophone, Matt Robidoux-guitar Rick Rude & Notches 

January 15th – Bats from Pogo at The Future Collective in Brattleboro Vermont as part of Fieldwire live session series. with Curse Purse, Tarp, and Rush Awesome

January 8th – Jen Gelineau+Stephanie Germaine, Mozzaleum, The Carbuncles at 13th Floor Music Lounge in Florence, Massachusetts 

January 5th – Phurnne at The Red Room in Baltimore MD with Sunatirene

January 4th- Phurnne at Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar DC with Leo Svirsky on accordian, James Reichard and Matt someone on gars, Patrick Cain / Nate Scheible Duo — tapes tapes tapes!

January 3rd – Phurnne at The Nightlight in Carrboro NC with GAY PEASANT / NOWS / TERRY H GARRISH JAZZ ENSEMBLE

January 2nd – Phurnne at Pageant: Soloveev Gallery in Philadelphia PA. with Daniel Fishkin (PA/CT), Austin Vaughn and Ron Shalom (NY/CT) and Christian Mirande (PA)


December 31st  – Nude Ears Eve at 119Gallery in Lowell Ma. with Phurnne. Also Streight Angular, Muttle&Crusch, Boyvonage, Christos Koulendros, Mitchelka and Vanessa LeFevre,

December 29th – with Phurnne at Psychic Readings in Providence RI. Also played: Blue Shift,
Matt Underwood, Mem1 & Sunk Heaven

December 21st – Phurnne at the Firehouse in Worcester with childermass, looks realistic & space cadet fuzz/

December 20th – Curse Purse, Big Mess, New England Patriots, Ian kovac jr. jr., Phurnne and more at 119 Gallery

December 14th – The Handies at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge Massachusetts with Linda. Also playing: Streight Angular, Robby Roadsteamer, Anubis Pop, Horse Jumper of Love, Bad Look (NYC), Trusty Sidekick, Trick Wallace Trio, Quaker Cannons, Live Bipeds, Le Roxy Pro

December 13th – Bad Smell + GNäRDS + Masingo + BopAnts at 119 Gallery in Lowell Ma.

November 28th – 2nd Annual Black Friday THANGsgiving at Arts at the Armory New music, invented instruments, free-range dance and thought-speech. Practiced yet spontaneous moves, musicians playing with feeling, world premiers of original scores, other performative thangs.” with Walter Wright, Douglas Urbank, Matt Samolis and Dei Xhrist aka Xchristishoe John Minigan, Lou Bunk, Matt Samolis, Max Lord and Sara June, Andrea Pensado with Andreita, Joe Burgio Paul Kafka-Gibbons Ému, Callie Chapman Zoe Dance, Randy Winchester, Mitch Ahern, Inedit Joe Burgio Andrea Pensado Randy Winchester Walter Wright et al, Jenifer Gelineau, Eggs Eggs, Lynn Frederiksen and Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Dei Xhrist, Stephanie Marie Germaine.

November 21st & November 22nd – DITF at 119 Gallery in Lowell, Mass.

September 26th thru November 21st – Two photographs will be on display at The Hive Gallery in Quincy Massachusetts.

November 13 – Devil Eyes + LINDA + BopAnts + Loup-Garou

October 30th – Rob Jacobs + Muyassar Kurdi + Gay Shapes + Gaby Lash + Germaine Wright Duo at 119 Gallery. 


October 25th – Wright Germaine duo and Steve Norton, Lucio Menegon duo at 119 Gallery Lowell Ma.

October 24th – with Linda, Angela Sawyer & Walter Wright Duo, Charlie Gregson, Mutual Beef, MuttleNCrusch at Uncharted in Lowell Ma.

October 21st – Thollem Electric w/ Jill Burton + Andrea Pensado at 119 Gallery in Lowell

October 11th – Arma Agharta + Matt Weston + Bromp Treb + Collins Germaine Duo at 119Gallery

October 3rd – Solo performance at Uncharted Gallery in Lowell, Mass. Chill City Icon ‘release show’, with Birdorgan, The Daily Post , Dog Hospice and Cult Fluorescent.

October 1st – Kimball Jenkins School of Art with The Jack Wright Trio! Mysterybear! David Kontak and Richard Gardzina! Return of The Bop Ants!!

September 30th – with Jack Wright at 119Gallery in Lowell, Mass.

September 27th  with Linda at Distant Castle in Worcester Ma.  Also playing Motel Mattress and Dust Witch.

September 20th with Birdorgan at Flywheel Arts in East Hampton Ma. 

September 6th FIRST SPILL CITY SHOW: Francie Moon + Crusasis + Durt Dog the Band + Gaby Lash + Anthony Richerdz and Steph Lak (Germaine)  – Lowell Ma

August 29th 119Gallery with BirdOrgan, Styrofoam Sanchez, Crank Sturgeon.

— —- —

LAK / WRIGHT DUO mini tour

August 22nd and 23rd Frantasia Festival – Livermore Falls, Maine

August 21st Fredericton NB – private performance

August 19th Montreal QC Café Résonance with Walter Wright, Emilie Mouchous, GoddardXPelchat

August 18th Burlington, VT. New City Galerie with Walter Wright

August 17th  Albany, NY Upstate Artists Guild with Walter Wright and Al Margolis

—— —— ——

August 15th Barre Ma. Tranquility & Alertness Jamboree with Motel Mattress, Jason Anderson, Jesse Rifkin, Herb Tent (debut/reunion/farewell), Uh Huh, Kiss Concert, Elephants, Matt and the 21st Century Fox, Isa X, Old Wave, Super School Year, Warbles, LAK, The Ex Girlfriends, Hurricane Irene

July 16th to August 9th – Two Photographs on display at 119Gallery as part of their Members’ Exhibition.

August 2nd Lowell, Ma. 119 Gallery Long Summer Daze Music Marathon

July 28th Weirdo Records  Cambridge, Ma. with Walter Wright, Angela Sawyer, Steve Norton and Stephanie Lak.

July 25th  Lowell Folk Fest continues at 119! KBD, Demos Fujiwara Duo, Lacks Swafford, Bats From Pogo.

July 23rd Strange Maine, Portland, ME with KBD, Lak/Wright, DIOSproject, Grant Money, 3D Jet Scooter

 July 22nd WMPG Greater Portland Maine Community Radio 11:30pm to Wednesday 1:30am DJ Skot Rssd Uul Maang

July 18th BIG MESS[MA]] + Gelineau Lak Pensado[MA] + Resonate Stone + Gaius & Cenobia[MA] + Arlen 119GALLERY

July 17th Town Beneath Wantastiquet, Menegon/Dailey Jr/Wright/Lak Quartet, mwchins at The Future Collective Brattleboro, VT.

July 12th Apocalyso [NY] + KARL 2000[NY NJ] + Zachary Pruitt[NY] + mysterybear[NH] + DGRW[MA] at 119Gallery

July 8th at the Firehouse Worcester SUPER TWOSDAY

July 1st Drøm Før Du Dør + LAK + Dailey Wright at 119 Gallery

June 19th Cheap Seats 18: Thurd Thirsday at Cambridge YMCA Theater with Walter Wright, Forbes Graham, Michael Rosenstein, Stephanie Lak.
June 5th First Thursday: Poetry and Sound at 119Gallery Lowell, Ma. with Poets: Rick Breault, Princess Chan (FreeVerse), Peter Eliopolis will be our MC,  Performance: Steve RAT Albert (Random Access Theater), Ben Hersey Musicians: Rick Breault (Disembodied Poetics) – laptop Stephanie Lak ( Disembodied Poetics) – voice, cassettes, electronics Gabby Lash – guitar, vocals Walter Wright ( Disembodied Poetics) – drums, percussion

MAY 30th at 119Gallery Claudia Robles Angel – bio data performance [Colombia, Cologne Germany] + Liz Roncka – movement [Cambridge MA] with Nick Neuberg, Ethan Parcell, Angela Sawyer – audio magic + Chill City Icon: [Lowell MA] Kevin Dacey & Travis Hagan – electronics, percussion Brett Mason – live art + Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA] Andrea Pensado – “noise piano” Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Stephanie Lak – voice, cassettes, electronics


May 15 – LOS CONDENADOS (with Steph) at Washington St Arts, Somerville MA
May 16 – with Andrea Pensado, Ben Bennett & Jack Wright, Chill City, WUML noise guys at 119 Gallery, Lowell MA
May 17 – Chailey Mansion, Newburyport MA
May 18 – with Al Margolis, Jonas Behrs, Mat Luczak at My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, New Paltz NY
May 19 – with Steve Norton on “Live From The Fallout Shelter”, on 91.5 WUML Lowell MA
May 20 – with Michael Rosenstein, Wei Zhongle at Washington St Arts, Somerville MA
May 21 – wilder zangcraft, Lowell MA
May 22 – with Steve Norton, Wei Zhongle at Whitehaus, Jamaica Plain, MA

—- —– —- —-

May 06 LCM, Oakland Ca. with Daniel Lercher / Bernd Klug, Matt Ingalls / Tom Djll / Bran (…) Pos,, Stephanie Lak

Pensado, Gelineau, Lak   West Coast Tour

April 19th San Francisco House show with head boggle (sf) & balloon journey (sf)
April 20th L C M – Oakland, CA. Horaflora, Jeweled Snakes, Fletcher Pratt, Pensado, Lak, Gelineau – improvised experimental music trio from San Fran + MA, Big Black Butthole, DJette Lucy Antler
April 22 – The Crest La Crescenta-Montrose, CA Insuu Bunkai and Petit Sac
April 23 Grand Star Jazz Club, LA
April 24 Eugene Springfield Art Project, Eugene OR. Nick Hoffman + CHEFKIRK- special improv. duo Saint Nansen, HOBBY KNIFE
April 25th Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle, WA. with Adam Levitt
April 26th House Show, Portland Or.

—- —- —- —–

XFEST 2014 Massachusetts “A festival of improvised music, visuals, and movement. The format of the festival is simple and challenging: 20 visiting artists and 40 local artists perform. On Friday and Saturday evenings there are 20 half-hour sets, 10 sets each evening, that include visiting artists and local artists.” W2 Friday February 21 Set #2 – Jill Burton, Stephanie Lak, Jane BoxallDei XhristShorty Mc & Saturday February 22 Set #11 – Evan Lipson, Stephanie Lak, Brett Renaud, Andy Allan, Michael F Dailey Jr

1.14.14 – 2.8.14   Video on display at 119GALLERY Lowell, Massachusetts G U T S: Greenwood / Renadette / Taylor / Wehrli / Lak Dan Greenwood and Alicia Renadette – installation, sound, collage <> Emily-Jayne Taylor – prints, collage <> Joni Wehrli – drawings <> Stephanie Lak – video

02.02.14 LCM Oakland, CA John The BaptistBen KettlesonHorsebladderMyrbeck/Shisko Duo, Stephanie Lak


*This is not a completed list for 2013 & 2012, still updating!!


Lak / Wright Duo Mini Tour: 
Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, audio miscellany <> Walter Wright – electronics, drums sometimes
with Andrea Pensado as Bats From Pogo ARKM, Kate & Ada as O-AM Jen Gelineau and Steve Norton
12/16 – Whitehaus (monday) with ARKM, Kate, Ada
12/17 – Dailleyville with Steve Norton
12/18 – Popcorn Noir, Easthampton with Jen Gelineau
12/19 – King St Manor, Northampton with Matt Robidoux, Miss Olivia Kennett
12/20 – Panoply Performance Lab, Brooklyn with Jen Gelineau, (Andrea Pensado)
12/21 – H.O.T. Philadelphia with Jen Gelineau, (Andrea Pensado)
12/27 – Firehouse, Worcester MA (friday)
12/28 – Chillith Fair 6, 119 Gallery O-AM (in drag)
12/29 – Chailey Mansion, Newburyport, potluck with i’d m thfft able, BiRdOrGaN
12/30 – day off (recording)
12/31 – Nude Ears Eve, 119 Gallery with everyone – ARKM, Kate, I’d m, Marc, dei, Andrea, CrankSt


119Solo and Collaborative Skype Performances from San Francisco to 119Gallery, Lowell Ma. Performers:: Marc Bisson – decontructed guitar Joe Brown – guitar, drums, dance moves Joe Burgio – movement Sir Arthur Clatter – guitar Todd Brunel – clarinets Teresa Czepiel – movement Kevin Dacey – guitar, drums, electronics Michael F Dailey Jr – mayhem Jesse Collins – trumpet Crank Sturgeon – hisself with fins flandrew fleisenberg – fillydelphia Arkm Foam – cassettes Mike Funaiole – analog synth Jenifer Gelineau – violin Dave Grollman – snare drum Sir Prized Guest – electronics Travis Hagan – drums, electronics Katt Hernandez – violin I’d M Thfft Able – hisself with beard Joshua Jefferson – reeds Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement Mary Ann Kearns – traffic control Christos Koulendros – electronics Gregory Kowalski – video Stephanie Lak – electronics Ada Lee-Foam – burps, squeaks Kate Lee – keys Lee Martin – drums Steve Norton – reeds, electronics Andrea Pensado – herself Ben Raymond – guitar looping David Russell – spoken word, word Emile Tobenfeld – video Walter Wright – electronics, drums, party hat Dei Xhrist – presence and more

 Lak Wright Duo NorthEast mini tour:

Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics, cassettes
Walter Wright – voice, electronics
Arkm Foam [One-Armed Mist], Andrea Pensado [Bats From Pogo]
8.11.13 @ HoGO, Manchester NH with Narc Bisson and Dei Xhrist
8.14.13 @ Distant Castle, Worcester MA with Andrea Pensado
8.15.13 @ Spectrum, New York NY with Cheryl Pyle Trio, PAS Musique, Carey Burtt, and Bloater
8.16.13 @ Red Room, Baltimore MD with Andrea and Jeff Carey and Corey O’Brien
8.17.13 @ Voice of the Valley, Chloe WV as Bats From Po(n)go with Andrea
8.18.13 @ Spring Garden Music House, Philadelphia PA
8.19.13 @ 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with Steve Norton, Grau Garten

8.23.13 XFest 2013 UnchARTed, Lowell Ma.
Disembodied Poetics: Rick Breault – laptop; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – drums with local poets Stephen Anstey and Michael Hoerman Apocalypso: Joe Burgio – movement; Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – electronics


8.7.12 119Gallery
Fireworks Pants [::] A Mighty Blowout FEST
Disembodied Poetics: Rick Breault – laptop; Derek Fenner – typewriter, poetry; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
with Steve Norton – reeds, electronics
bodydrama: Joe Burgio, Betty Wang – movement; Steve Norton, reeds, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
with Id m Theft Able – voice, table of acoustic oddiments

7.15.12 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums; special guest Lucio Menegon – guitar. Duos and a trio. with Sweet Talk.

7.16.12 @ Brecht Forum, New York City
Ras Moshe XFest Orchestra: Ras Moshe – flute, sax, conductor with Todd Brunel – bass clarinet; Daniel Carter – sax; Kit Demos – double bass, analog synth; Shayna Dulberger – double bass; Junko Fujiwara – cello; Bonnie Kane – sax, electronics; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Matt Lavelle – trumpet, fleugelhorn; Telaina Odom – clarinet; Chris Welcome – guitar; Walter Wright – electronics

7.17.12 119 Gallery Ben Miller’s Graphic Score Workshop, performances by bodydrama: Joe Burgio, Betty Wang – movement; Forbes Graham – trumpet; Steve Norton – reeds; Walter Wright – electronics Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums Ensemble (all of the above) with Ben Miller – sax, tape decks, electronics.

7.20.12 HoGO, Manchester NH Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics with DeiX – voice, electronics and Mark Bisson, Dave Seidel, Don Davis and Ben Miller

7.22.12 119 Gallery
Disembodied Poetics: Derek Fenner – words, typewriter; Rick Breault – laptop; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – drums, percussion
with Killer BOB, Big Mess.

7.23.12 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Betty Wang – movement; Greg Kowalski and Dr T – video

5.3.12 119 Gallery
Disembodied Poetics: Derek Fenner – words, typewriter; Rick Breault – laptop; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – drums, percussion
Anthology CD Vol 1 release party with Abram Taber, Bella Birds, Idle Wounds, Stop Touching The Corner, Old Grey, Los Bungalitos

5.4.12 119 Gallery
One-Armed Mist: Arkm Foam – cassettes; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics
and Nenakata: Stephanie Lak – guitar, keys, vocals; Eric Stewart – guitar, vocals; Anthony Richerdz – bass, drums; Olivia – drums, bass; Ghandi – drums; Walter Wright – electronics, drums Anthology CD Vol 1 release party with Jasper Som, BiRdOrGaN, FRIENDSHIP, Sinbusters, Nenakata, The Big Sway

5.10.12 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
opening for Dionyso McDonas Duo and Frenette Lipson Nystrom Wright Quartet, an evening of new music with attitude!

5.13.12 COMA, ABC No-Rio, New York City
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

5.15.12 Abandon Bear Cages, Franklin Park, Jamaica Plain.
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
also on the lineup Peace/Loving, Erich Haygun, Gracious Calamity, Skinny Vinny, Hands and Knees, Chris North, Dinners, Casey Rocheteau, Rotten Apples, Hurricanes of Love, Foam, Witchwolf, Stones in Flood, Id m Theft Able, Ben Hersey, AM Usernet, Needy Visions, Hunnie Bunnies, Knight Howls

Lak Wright Duo March Tour: 

Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

3.10.12 Fryeburg Church, Fryeburg ME with Kit & Alonzo
3.11.12 Sweet Demon, Hadley MA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3.12.12 @ Exapno, Brooklyn NY
3.13.12 Red Room, Baltimore MD
3.14.12Art Rat Studios, Roanoke VA
3.15.12 * busking in around Asheville, NC with Claire Elizabeth Barratt
3.16.12 Random Tea Room, Philadelphia PA
3.17.12 119 Gallery, Lowell MA with Natura Morta


12.4.11 The Mansion, Newburyport MA
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

12.29.11 House Warming
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

12.31.11 119 Gallery, New Year’s Eve
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Walter Wright – electronics, drums with Earl J Kipp – some instrument or other

10.6.11 Anthology Release Party, Appleton Mills
a quartet: Stephanie Lak – voice processing, objects; Michael F Dailey Jr – drums; Earl J Kipp – electronics; Walter Wright – drums, percussion

10.7.11 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice; Walter Wright – electronics with Michael F Dailey Jr – drums

10.9.11 119 Gallery
unnamed band: Rick Breault – laptop, guitar; Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar; Walter Wright – drums, percussion accompanying Steve Dalachinsky, LCC! Poet-in-Residence

10.18.11 UnchARTed
One-Armed Mist: Arkm Foam – performance; Michael F Dailey Jr – drums; Stephanie Lak – voice, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics Nenakata: live video for the set and sitting in on 2 songs Walter Wright – electronics

9.10.11 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice processing; Walter Wright – electronics, drums. A short set plus accompanying Mitch Ahern reading from his book, Robot Rescue League.

9.11.11 UnchARTed
Duos with Dr T: Earl J Kipp – drums; Stephanie Lak – voice, objects; Abram Taber – bass; Walter Wright – electronics, drums and we all play with Dr T – live video mix

9.17.11 119 Gallery
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice processing, objects; Walter Wright – electronics

9.24.11  Worthen Lowell Ma.
Lak Wright Duo: Stephanie Lak – voice processing, objects; Walter Wright – drums, electronics with Peter Negroponte – drums, percussion


*page is a work in progress. 11.1.13



Visual Art



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